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Barebacking in Buenos Aires 2
Santy 09/15/2019
Another old video came to light during one of the updates to our website. At the request of our audience, here it is, once again.

Tags: Bareback, Bears, Big Cocks, Str8 Dudes
Chris Fucks Diegoxxx
Chris Marsan, Diegoxxx 09/01/2019
Once again I end up so horny after shooting a video that I have to call in a fag willing to be bred… I’ve got plenty of those!

Tags: Bareback, Mature
Chris Marsan Serviced 10
This video was supposed to be a quick casting and ended up a really hot session. I had a great time fucking this big assed stocky guy!

Tags: Bears, Blowjobs, Mature
Vintage Fucks John Doe
Vintage 08/01/2019
At the request of our audience, we are retrieving some old videos featured by Vintage. Since he has retired from the porn business long ago, enjoy this one!

Tags: Big Cocks, Jocks, Sex
Chris Marsan Fucks John Doe 8
Chris Marsan 07/15/2019
Here I am with one of my new faggots. I really enjoyed fucking and using him.

Tags: Mature, Sex
Loboiberico Fucks a Tourist
Loboibérico 07/01/2019
A tourist that has already been fucked in our club returns for a second round. Apparently we do it quite well if he is taking a plane to Madrid to shoot this new video.

Tags: Bareback, Mature
Barebacking in Buenos Aires 23
Chris Marsan 06/15/2019
Once again I got so horny after shooting a video that I had to fuck the bottom guy, who had no chance, but to stay and let me fill his ass with my load.

Tags: Bareback, Mature
Chris Marsan Fucks John Doe 7
Chris Marsan 06/01/2019
One of my favorite slaves came to my house to service me the way I deserve.

Tags: Blowjobs, Mature, Sex
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