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Str8 Dudes Serviced 18
We are like a magnet for married guys who can’t have their wives’ asses… we always have a greedy bottom willing to let them break his ass.

Tags: Bears, Big Cocks, Group Sex, Str8 Dudes
Rodrigo Toro Serviced 1
Marko Bulto, Rodrigo Toro 01/10/2018
What can you do on a hot summer night in Sitges? You can go the Leather Bar and give a blow job to our super top macho, Rodrigo Toro.

Tags: Bears, Big Cocks, Blow jobs, Public Places
Barebacking in Madrid 6
Chris Marsan 01/01/2018
Another video where Chris Marsan acts up with a married bottom guy.

Tags: Bareback, Mature
Barebacking in Buenos Aires 20
Every now and then, we are visited by married men who come so horny that they agree to fuck a fag and let us shoot a video.

Tags: Bareback, Bears, Big Cocks
Backtage Sex 8
Bigger Bear, JC 12/10/2017
Another video proving that, sometimes, the best part comes when the cams are turned off.

Tags: Bears, Big Cocks, Blow jobs, Twinks
Str8 Dudes Serviced 17
Gianluca 12/01/2017
This married guy was told about Gianluca's hot ass and smooth mouth by another str8 friend who had fucked Gianluca before. He went to Gianluca's store to check it out by himself.

Tags: Big Cocks, Sex, Str8 Dudes, Twinks
Chris Marsan Fucks John Doe 3
Chris Marsan 11/20/2017
Another Spanish married guy craving to have his ass broken by and fine Argentine macho

Tags: Sex
Delivery Guy Serviced
Beto, Delivery Guy 11/10/2017
Beto loves to be the whore serving those straight machos who agree to have their cocks sucked by any fag every time they feel horny.

Tags: Big Cocks, Blow jobs, Mature, Str8 Dudes
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content/SP_180103_Str8Dudes18/1.jpg Str8 Dudes Serviced 18
6 Photos, 12 minute(s) of video
content/SP_180102_RodrigotServiced1/1.jpg Rodrigo Toro Serviced 1
Marko Bulto, Rodrigo Toro
8 Photos, 11 minute(s) of video
content/SP_180101_BBKMadrid6/1.jpg Barebacking in Madrid 6
Chris Marsan
8 Photos, 14 minute(s) of video
content/SP_171203_BbkBA20/1.jpg Barebacking in Buenos Aires 20
6 Photos, 10 minute(s) of video